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  • IndiaMissAmerica

    Diana Pinto with other winners of the Miss India America beauty contest.

  • IndiaMissAmerica

    Diana Pinto posing for the shutterbugs with other contestants of Miss India America beauty contest.

  • Diana Pinto

    Diana Pinto during the traditional segment of Miss India America beauty contest.

  • IndiaMissAmerica

    Diana Pinto performing Lavani dance during the talent segment of the Miss India America beauty contest.

Diana Pinto, who has been crowned India Miss America recently, reveals herself in and out. Click to read her full interview.

Tell us something about your family background?
I am from Thane, Maharashtra. My father Joseph D. Pinto is a Senior Manager in Bank of Baroda, Agra branch and my mother Irene J. Pinto, is a Manager in Bank of Baroda, Mumbai branch. I have a younger brother Brian J. Pinto, who just finished his XIIth grade exams and will be taking up engineering as his career.

I was born and brought up in Thane, Maharashtra. I have lived there all my life and came to the United States to pursue a Masters Degree in Biokinesiology. I am a Physical Therapist from India and I have completed my Masters Degree at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Tell us about the event?
The Miss/ Mr./ Mrs. India America event was held at the Grand Ballroom in The Hilton Hotel, Long Beach, CA on  August 7, 2009. There were 14 contestants in the Miss category. There were 10 contestants in the Mr. category. There were 6 contestants in the Mrs. category.

What is your reaction after winning the pageant?
I was surprised on winning the Miss Photogenic award. I wasn't expecting to win that award because there were so many pretty looking girls - but for some reason I was confident I would win the Miss India America title that night. It didn't come as a surprise to me that I won the title. I had worked hard for it.

Your previous achievements and awards?
I have been a State level Volleyball player back in India. I also have a 3.9 GPA in my Bachelors in Physical Therapy and received distinction in most subjects. I have won numerous awards in Sprints, Relay, Shot Putt, Discus throw (mostly track events).

Your source of inspiration?
I don't really have a role model because I believe that having an idol is trying to be like someone your entire life. I don't want to be like anyone else - I'd rather be myself - and become an idol for others!


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