Make your wardrobe work for you

Formal dressing is an integral part of your personality when you’re dressing for a meeting or an interview. Here are a few tips that can help you get the right look.

* Fitting in: Choose your attire based on the industry, company and departmental culture. This is the first indication of your cultural fit with the company and the position, before you even say hello to the interviewer.

* Colour code: Ensure that the colour of the trousers or the skirt is dark or dull and the shirt or blouse is lighter or brighter, so that attention goes to the upper body. Avoid light coloured trousers.

* Focus on your face: Draw attention to your face either by creating a contrast with the colour of shirt and jacket or by sporting a scarf, tie or pocket square. A bright scarf, tie or pocket square communicate approachability.

* Be weight wise: If you are under-weight or tubular, wear a jacket or a third layer as it will give you a better visual presence. It will also help you project an image of confidence and authority.

* Pattern matters: Choose harmonious design patterns on your clothes, or the overall look can distract. Don’t wear neon colours, velvet, glittery or leather fabric. Also, avoid big patterns.


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