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  • Amrah Ashraf, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Jun 09, 2010 13:30 IST

Cow Boy Boots- ZaraIt’s official, the 80’s are back in vogue. Everyone loves a bit of sex and glamour and when it comes with a pinch of disaster which the 1980’s encapsulated with the saturated neon and the wedge hairdos, its fashion revelry revisited. While the designers love their flirty affair with the 80s and 90s, they are a little cautious when it comes to everyday wear.

“Every era has a time in fashion where it really stands out like no other. The 80's were experimental and fun. But girls and boys need to be selective. The 80's fashion era was adventurous and therefore should be attempted with caution. It is definitely not everyday wear,” said Payal Jain, designer.

When you think of 80's you think loud colours, big hair, flamboyant silhouettes and rebellious designs. Who can forget the iconic Cyndi Lauper hairdo or the bigger than ever Madonna hair style and leather jumpsuits.

“Whether teased into a high pouf, shaved on one side and long on the other a la Cyndi Lauper or thrown up into a side ponytail, the 1980s were a time of playful experimentation and rebellion,” said Dheeraj Harjani, creative director, After Shock.

What is interesting is that not just designer stores but even roadside bazaars are flooded with peg leg pants, cow boy boots, bags with leather fringe, grunge check shirts (remember Kurt Cobain in his famous blue check shirt), saturated neons and kitten heels.

“I think peg leg pants are a popular style. They are very flattering and leg lengthening. It gives added height when paired with heels. It's a safe bet,” added Harjani. Not just with heels you can also team them up with a loose-fitting check shirt and coy boy boots to get that edgy cow-girl look.

Shoulder pads- ZaraKing of Pop MJ’s thriller wardrobe is big this season. Steal your boyfriend’s jeans and team them up with a loose shirt and layer it with a vest with shoulder pads. You can also add a little bling to it with chains and bracelets and you are all set to rock the party.

However, designers feel that most women commit the blunder of blindly following a trend without knowing their body type. “The 80's fashion is especially tricky because of its quirkiness and flamboyance. It's simple, everyone cannot pull off a hot pink. People should dress intelligently and be aware of what works for them,” added Payal Jain.

With the 80's, fashion decadence is here. Cooler fabrics, lots of drapes and layers, glamour, sex and adventure is here to shock you! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

(Clothes available in Zara and After Shock Stores)


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