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Summer brings with it a ghastly image of runny foundation, smudged kajal and clumpy mascara. And that only seems normal with the soaring temperatures. What do you do then, if you’re the kind who can’t do without your daily fix? We got the experts to show you the lightest looks you can opt for.

Look 1

Clint Fernandes, Lakmé make-up expert, says:
Use a light moisturiser followed by a very light compact to keep the skin matte and fresh.
For the eyes, use a hint of waterproof kohl and mascara. If you want to dress up, use winged-tip eyeliner or colours like green, blue and grey, apart from the classic black and brown.
Use only a bit of the cheek tint, which is great for summer. If you use too much, it will streak.
Apply a pop of colour on your lips, directly or using a lip brush. A hint of gloss just at the centre of the lips gives a good finish. Using a lip pencil to fill in a natural colour on the entire lip along with some pink gloss gives a subtle yet finished look.

Look 2

Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert, Oriflame India, says:
Begin with a tinted SPF moisturiser. A BB cream is your best choice this season because it acts as your moisturiser, sunscreen as well as foundation.
Use eyeshadow in a neutral shade to brighten up your eyes. You can also use it on the bridge of the nose and cheeks to highlight your features for an evening look.
Use a coral blush: matte or slight shimmer for day and evening both. Use sheer blush to make your face glow.
Sheer orange gloss or tinted lip balm is a good choice for summers. Avoid wearing anything heavy or sticky on the lips.
Choose brown, charcoal and plum pencils for light yet defined eyes. Add a dash of mascara (make sure it’s light and non-clumpy).

Look 3

Sonic Sarwate, M.A.C senior artist, says:
Massage your skin with a generous amount of moisturiser.
Use primer to even out the skin texture and ensure a better finish for your foundation.
Use a concealer if required to cover any shadows or discolouration on the skin.
Apply foundation with a brush. Set it with translucent powder for long-lasting results and to take away excess shine from the face.
Use a bronzer to get a flush of colour in an orang-ish-brown colour.
Apply a layer of eyeshadow in toffee and caramel with groomed brows and add mascara on the
Use nude, coral or toffee colours on the lips.

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