Treat the royal you with a dash of Luxury

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Want to be transformed into a royal beauty? This summer treat the princess in you to an enticing new range of jewellery, the Contemporary Rajputana Collection, launched by This beautiful piece of art is inspired by the Rajput Women and their breathtaking ornaments. The collection of precious metals in fresh designs encrusted with bright jewels is a modern take on traditional, awe-inspiring jewellery worn with pride and passed on for generations by the Royal women.

The Royal Regency Set consisting of earrings, a ring and pendant is inspired by the magnificent sapphire set worn by Gayatri Devi, the third Maharani of Jaipur, known for her classic beauty and impeccable style.
This set embodies the spirit of royalty and at the same time is a perfect for cocktail parties and other events. A classy option for your sarees and dresses, this versatile jewellery set can even be worn on a daily basis.

Exemplifying the spirit of royalty, below are some exquisite pieces from the Contemporary Rajputana Collection which have drawn inspiration from the jewellery of other Rajput Princess’ and Queens.
With its overwhelming artistry, the coveted jewellery pieces are truly irresistible and alone can add a dash of class to your persona. Be it the work hours or a special evening out, this collection can make you look worth a million without much effort. Beautiful and serene, bask in their shine!


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