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#Momgoals or reckless? Fitness trainer shamed for exercising while wearing her baby

Millennial parents often find themselves under constant scrutiny. Recently, celebrity trainer Massy Arias was mommy-shamed for working out with her daughter.

fitness Updated: Dec 04, 2017 09:06 IST
Meenakshi Iyer
A grab from the video Massy Arias posted a week ago.
A grab from the video Massy Arias posted a week ago. (Instagram.com/massy.arias)

Massy Arias is a celebrity fitness trainer and CoverGirl ambassador. She has gathered millions of followers on social media with her workout tips and short videos. Many of these videos feature her daughter, Indira Sarai Williams. But a recent clip posted by the fitness expert received a lot of negative comments from her followers.

In the video, LA-based Arias can be seen working out with weights and gym machinery, while her daughter is strapped on her back with the help of a baby carrier. While most of her followers thought that she was setting the right example for her daughter by involving her in her fitness regime, some felt that she had ignored the child’s safety.

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A follower posted: “I think you’re great but I would rethink your daughter on your back. Too much bouncing for her. Her brain is still developing. Also, does not look comfortable for her and might upset her stomach.”

After another follower criticised her by writing “I really can’t understand y cant [people] leave their kids safety aside to workout instead of using them as added weights…”— Arias wrote back in all caps: “I respect your opinion but with all due respect I don’t appreciate that from the moment I said I was pregnant, and still today, people are suggesting I’m not the type of mother who will not protect her child.”

Earlier, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg had posted a video of him working out with his toddler in a baby carrier on his back. It come under fire from the internet, over concerns that Zuckerberg was putting his daughter at risk. While many praised the happy dad on spending quality time with his daughter Max, there were some who thought he was not thinking about the child’s safety. In the video, the child’s head could be seen hanging out of the carrier. This caused concern among many of his followers.

A grab from the video (Facebook.com/markzuckerberg)

Is babywearing safe for workouts?

“Working out with external resistance has always been encouraged. Incorporating the use of weights or resistance bands, for instance, is known to help increase endurance, strength, and overall cardiovascular health. Babywearing and working out with your baby can have significant health benefits if done correctly. Safety is paramount, but as long as caregivers are adhering to safety regulations as suggested by fitness experts, such workouts will come with an added benefit of bonding with your child and also having a happier, more confident and smarter baby,” says Tabitha Thomas, certified fitness trainer and co-founder of Babyfitjoy (a babywearing workout program).

While many busy parents find it easy to workout with their baby in tow, they need to ensure that the child is safe at all times. In both these cases, the toddlers were strapped in a baby carrier which is considered a safe option for non-aerobic workouts. For exercises that involve running or jogging, a carrier is definitely not recommended.

“It is endearing for me to see so many parents happy and healthy, with the constant company of their babies nicely tucked in as they grow up knowing the beauty of staying fit,” says Yaman Banerjee, an architect and a certified babywearing educator. She adds, “We encourage moms on our fitness group to go on babywearing walks in age appropriate, ergonomic carriers, before they can start rigorous workouts. In today’s day and time, with hectic routines and erratic lifestyles, this is something we owe to our children: a healthy parent and a lifestyle they don’t have to undo later. Hold them close, keep them secure, and never let anything hold you back from being the awesome parent that you are.”

If there’s one thing millennial parents can’t ignore is being under constant scrutiny, thanks to social media. But here’s hoping that people try to see things in a positive light rather than bringing someone down. Parenting is anyway tough and new parents don’t need the constant judgement.

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