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When we walked into Singkong on a weekday afternoon, we were among the few people there. And that soon proved to be a good thing because the chef set his sights upon us and decided to serve us complimentary starters, Prawns in Basil Leaves and Tofu wrapped in Pand-an leaf, both of which we enjoyed the tenderness and subtle flavours of. After which, we ordered two appetisers, the Sesame Beef Open Bun (Rs 295) and the aromatic Spicy Chicken Dumplings (Rs 205).

The buns, although a little messy, were yummy. We just wished we were served more. On the other hand, the dumplings were delicious. They were well spiced, and the skins, red due to beetroot colouring, were not too thick.

For the main course, we decided to keep things light and ordered only a Nasi Goreng (Rs 345). The Indonesian fried rice staple came with prawn crackers that we couldn’t stop munching on. It was topped with a fried egg. The dish was filling for two, but in hindsight, we’d have been better off ordering some gravy with it. We washed it down with their signature Singkong Martini (espresso vodka, cinnamon, rum and cream; Rs 375), which we relished every sip of.

Options for dessert were limited, but we had a tough choice to make between the Four Layer Carrot Cake (Rs 175) and the Mocha Fudge (Rs 175). Settling for the latter was a great decision as the cake was rich, yet not heavy. It was presented well too. Again, the chef stepped in to offer us Sesame Honey Mini Cones on the house. Two very tiny waffle cones, with equally-sized scoops of ice cream and syrup, appeared and disappeared into our stomachs in minutes.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal at Singkong. The décor isn’t the most pleasing, with stone grey dominating the interiors, but the prices sure are.

— HT Café reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

What: Singkong
where: 604, First Floor, Pinnacle House, PD Hinduja Marg, 15th Road, Off Linking Road, Above Sanchos, Khar West
Call: 6709 4444
What’s on the menu: Contemporary Asian food
Drinking: Yes
Smoking: No
What we like
The prices
We don’t like
The décor


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