Tried & tasted: Busago's banoffee ruined it

Located opposite Gold’s Gym in Bandra, BusaGO has found a good spot. Surrounded by eateries that are often packed on weekends, it will come to the rescue of many hungry people.

We started our meal by ordering the signature Burmese Chicken Kaukswe (Rs 265)  — well-priced for the deal. However, the fried garlic became a bit soggy and the other toppings weren’t very fresh. But once they were all tossed in, it mattered less. We like the fact that they meticulously pack all the toppings in tiny plastic pouches if you parcel this order.

The Tibetan Chicken Momos (Rs 165) were the smallest, cutest little things. They don’t do much to help your hunger. The green and red sauces, however, were excellent. Until now, we were having a good time.

Then the Steamed Vegetables (Rs 250) arrived. Some of the veggies were undercooked and tasted too bland. Finally, we ordered the Banoffee Pie (Rs 175), which felt almost toxic, like you were digging into viscose plastic. We didn’t make it through more than a bite and a half.

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