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  • Updated: Feb 25, 2014 15:37 IST

The Momentum are Sennheiser’s premium range of mobile headphones. I say mobile headphones because not only are these optimized to work with the relatively weak output of mobile devices but they also come with in-line controls designed to work with your iPhone and iPad.

The Momentum have a very premium design and finish to them, befitting headphones of their stature. The headband uses a brushed aluminum finish with leather padding on top. The plastic speaker cups also feature plush leather pads on the inside. The left ear cup has a 2.5mm jack for the detachable cable.

The Momentum come with two cables in the package. One is the standard cable whereas the other has audio controls and microphone built-in. The audio controls are designed to work with Apple devices and worked perfectly with an iPhone, iPod, iPad and even a MacBook. On every other device, however, only the center button worked for accepting and rejecting calls. Also, you may find the sound not working properly with certain mobile phones, in which case you’ll have to use the standard cable.



The cable is fairly thick and feels sufficiently rugged. The 3.5mm headphone connector is gold-plated and mounted on a rotating hinge, which lets you turn the connector sideways by 90 degrees, turning it into an L-shaped connector. The hinge assembly is made from metal and feels very well built and doesn’t twist easily.

The headphones in general have a very well built feel to them, true to most Sennheiser models. I did have some problems with the design. For starters, you can’t fold the headphones to make them easier to carry. Sennheiser does provide a case for them but it is still large and would occupy considerable space in your bag. Secondly, the circumaural ear cups are a bit on the smaller side. I have fairly small ears but even then they just about managed to fit inside the ear cups on the Momentum.

Those with larger ears might find the ear cups resting on their ears instead of around them.


Now, moving on to the audio quality of the Momentum, I was impressed with what Sennheiser had to offer here. The Momentum have a very rich, detailed sound, underlined by a profound bass response. The bass comes across as authoritative without being too loose or sloppy. This sound continues to impress across the rest of the sound spectrum, with a clear mid-range and a sparkling top-end. Granted, it’s not the most accurate sound signature around; audiophiles looking for precision might be a bit disappointed as the sound has been tuned a bit to make your music sound more enjoyable. However, those not looking for laser-guided precision in their sound would appreciate the tuning.

With music, the Momentum sounded impressive across genres. The sound doesn’t slack off anywhere in particular, so almost every genre sounds good. Meanwhile, the punchy bass makes genres such as EDM or dubstep sound even better. For a closed back pair of speakers, the Momentum also have impressive soundstage, although not nearly as good as Sennheiser’s HD600 or HD650. Movies and games sounded similarly good with these headphones.

The Momentum have been optimized for use with mobile devices, as can be see from their rather low 18 Ω impedance rating. This means that you don’t need a dedicated amplifier to bring out the best in them and they sound fine even with an iPod shuffle.

The Sennheiser Momentum are a great looking pair of headphones with beautiful fit and finish. The audio quality is also superb and works well with even with mobile devices. If you have an iPhone then you can also take advantage of the provided in-line controls in the cable. The price is on the steep side but if you’re looking for the best possible pair of headphones for your mobile phone, the Sennheiser Momentum fits the bill.




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