Acer launches world's first 4K smartphone

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  • Updated: Sep 04, 2013 11:50 IST

The Acer Liquid S2. Photo: AFP

With three days to go until the start of this year's IFA consumer electronics show, the Taiwanese company gets the jump on its rivals by unveiling what is currently the only handset that can record footage in ultra-high definition.

The Liquid S2 is much more than just a video camera disguised as a phone; it is a very impressive 6-inch phablet in its own right and one with a serious processor, 2GB of RAM in tow and a great HD display.

It also builds in a couple of well-considered imaging features such as being able to snap immediately from the lock screen, separately adjust focus and exposure and set up a default favorite mode for taking pictures the way you want to.

Acer has also been smart to make the announcement now as both Sony's and Samsung's next flagship phablets are almost certainly going to boast the same UHD performance. The Liquid S2 is expected to roll out some time in October and although the company is yet to announce pricing it has confirmed that it currently has no plans to offer the phone outside of Europe. US consumers will have to bide their time or buy the Samsung Galaxy Note III when it hits the shelves this autumn.

The only question that no one seems to be able to answer is what consumers can do with their UHD footage. The phone's screen is only HD and there are currently very few widely available ultra-high definition televisions or monitors on the European or US markets.


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