Can dancing charge a smartphone?

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  • Updated: Mar 06, 2014 10:11 IST

Nokia's lighthearted video shows the technology to do just that is on the way but for the moment at least, it'll take an all-night rave to get a 50 % charge on your handset.

The technology in question, which Markku, the Principal Researcher at Nokia Sensors and Energy, has dubbed 'Sea Turtle,' emits a volt of charge when tapped or moved in the right way and is currently being developed for "future implementation."

And despite the technology's being in a very early prototype testing stage, the video's unnamed female host promptly purloins said scientific kit and heads out into the city to see if she can charge her phone simply by dancing.

Although the results are entertaining, gather a crowd, and definitely see her work up a sweat, at the end of a full day's rhythmic exertion, the battery level on her phone stands at just 25 %.

Nokia hopes that as well as raising a wry smile, the video will help raise awareness of sustainability and energy use, especially in the lead-up to Earth Day on April 22.


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