Ex-employee slams ‘arrogant’ Apple

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  • Updated: Sep 24, 2012 16:19 IST

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A former Apple employee has slammed the tech giant’s new iPhone 5, saying its new connector cables that have rendered current accessories potentially obsolete, are proof that the company has become arrogant.

Apple''s former official ‘evangelist’ Guy Kawasaki said he was ‘disappointed’ over the company''s decision to change the connection slots on the new iPhone5, forcing customers to buy new cables.

“This connector thing, I think it''s pure arrogance,” the Herald Sun quoted Kawasaki, as saying.

“They say ''we want to save space and go from 30 pins to whatever number of pins it has now''.

Well, if the goal was really to save space why didn''t you just go to a micro USB like everybody else in the world, and we could all get a cable at 7-11 for 5 dollars,” he said.

“But no, you had to have a proprietary one. It fries my brain, I don''t understand it. It''s just arrogance and I''m disappointed very much in that,” he added.

Kawasaki, who was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984, told The Daily Telegraph the much-criticised new cables were not only an unfair cost to consumers, but were socially irresponsible.

“I''m sure there is some engineering justification for it, but if you look at the total cost to the world, I don''t know how you can do this,” the report quoted him, as saying.

“There are millions of cables out there, and millions of docks out there, and every owner needs one for his briefcase, one for his home, one for his car, one for an office, so four cables really,” he added.


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