Google doodles Melville's Moby-Dick on its 161st anniversary

Google doodle

Search engine Google on Thursday paid tribute to American novelist Herman Melville's novel Moby-Dick on its 161st anniversary with a doodle. Moby-Dick or The Whale, written by Melville was published on October 18, 1851.

Moby-Dick is a white, blue sperm whale and the main antagonist of the novel.

The Google doodle depicts a scene from the novel in which Captain Ahab commandeers a boat to strike at the huge white whale. Moby-Dick can be seen swimming in the background, with Captain Ahab in a boat holding a harpoon waiting to strike at the whale.

The tribute also reportedly coincides with a project to record all 135 chapters of the novel over 135 days, with readings by famous fans including David Cameron.


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