How to control your home with Google Glass

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  • Updated: Jul 17, 2013 10:52 IST

Home automation firm Revolv's video shows how using Google's smart headset could give wearers control of all household devices.

The short teaser clip features the company's senior developer, John, walking around Revolv's offices and interacting with lights, door locks and stereo systems via the much-hyped headset.

Simply looking at a device will be enough to take control of it. Just fix your gaze upon it then tap on the side of the headset to turn on the lights, lock a door or turn the music on. Looking and tapping is augmented by voice commands -- for example, if the user wants to hear a different song from the one playing or wants to change the tone and color of the smart lighting.

As the company explains in a blog post to accompany the clip, the features showcased in the video are what happens when a new piece of technology is put in a room with "a bunch of hardware geeks."


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