HTC's One gets new expansion capacities

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  • Updated: Nov 29, 2013 11:28 IST

HTC has released a new version of its flagship One handset with microSD card support.

The new variant of the almost universally lauded phone also features dual-SIM support so as well as being able to expand the device's storage by an extra 64GB via microSD card, owners can also switch between SIM cards and therefore voice and data plans, a great feature for the cost-conscious and business traveler alike.

Widely considered the best Android phone currently on sale, the HTC One's lack of memory card support was what was stopping the phone from being truly exceptional rather than just very, very good.

And while it's great that the company has finally addressed the issue -- after all, 32GB is not a lot of space for apps and media files -- the addition of a microSD slot and a second SIM card has pushed the phone's price up to £495 ($809).

The handset is available for pre-order direct from HTC's UK site but the company is yet to announce when it will officially go on sale or whether it will be arriving in the US or coming to mainland Europe.


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