Microsoft to mirror rivals with wi-fi dongle: report

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  • Updated: Aug 26, 2014 12:30 IST

Google has the Chromecast, Apple has its Apple TV and now Microsoft is about to have the HD-10, according to reports.

Its name might not catch on but its use could, as it's a dongle that will allow users to ‘cast' a smartphone or tablet's display to their television screen.

Expected to be unveiled officially at the IFA consumer tech show in Germany on September 4, the Miracast device could conceivably work with Windows PCs as well as tablets, hybrids and Windows Phone handsets.

Miracast is a technology that uses a wi-fi network to create a link between two devices giving one visual control over the other. So, for example, if you're running the Netflix app on your smartphone and want a better viewing experience, you can ‘cast' it on to the television.

This makes it a great feature for gaming, too. Support for the technology is already integrated into Android and Apple devices (handsets, tablets and computers) and is now built into the Windows Phone operating system following a recent software update.

As well as dongles and set-top boxes, some carmakers also use Miracast for synchronizing a smartphone with the car dashboard.

Microsoft is yet to officially confirm or deny the device's existence, but thanks to some digging by Windows Phone Daily and Nokia power user, it looks like it would support USB and HDMI as well as featuring a wi-fi antenna.


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