Samsung's new ad mocks Apple's battery backup

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  • Updated: Jul 08, 2014 10:57 IST

Tech giant Samsung has released their new advertisement in which they are mocking iPhone users of being 'wall huggers' because their batteries are always at the lower end.

The ad shows people at airport, sitting on the floor with their chargers plugged in. While other Samsung users are watching videos, taking pictures from their Galaxy S5, CNET reports.

The ad also features the new changeable batteries in the Galaxy S5, and shows a battery backup of a day in one's S5.

Samsung, though, isn't content just to mock the current iPhone. One poor hipsterish man sitting on the floor mutters that 'I hear there's a new iPhone coming out soon' to which another adds 'Hope it has a better battery.'

With this, Samsung is also taking a shot at the future iPhone, the report added.


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