Sony brings premium quality to mid-range smartphones

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  • Updated: Mar 19, 2013 11:53 IST

The Xperia L is focused on phtography and boasts many of the same image features as Sony's flagship Xperia Z smartphone. Photo: AFP

Sony has expanded its Xperia smartphone family with two new mid-range handsets with premium features.

The Xperia SP supports LTE 4G for ultra-fast mobile internet connection and also boasts a full high-definition 4.8-inch display, while the Xperia L has an exceptional camera and features the same High Dynamic Range technology for still and moving images that the company recently demonstrated in its new flagship handset, the Xperia Z.

Both phones also offer NFC-compatibility for wireless file transfer, and even wireless mobile payments (where supported) and also come complete with Sony's new STAMINA technology for intelligent battery life management. The Xperia L also has dedicated camera function buttons, meaning that the phone can go from sleep to full camera mode in little more than a second, even when the phone is also locked.

Both phones will be available worldwide before summer 2013.


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