The beep you keep

When Steve Jobs died in October 2011, many technology followers wondered whether Apple would retain the passion and edge that made it the envy of every entrepreneur — and a darling of every tech enthusiast. Jobs’ successors ensured that in 2012, Apple became the highest valued firm in US history, and successfully launched the iPhone 5.

But 2013 promises a tough-as-nails fight in the technology world over what phone and tablet you hold, a battle against time in fundamental research to understand our origins, and a chance to look to the heavens with pride. Rest assured — you’re the winner everywhere.

Mobile phones are expected to overtake PCs in 2013 as the most popular medium to access the Internet and India is already one of the biggest markets for smartphones and tablets.

The battle over this market — between Apple, Microsoft’s well-marketed new operating system and Google’s Android (powering Samsung’s Galaxy series) — is set to get sharper in 2013, forcing companies to innovate and slash prices.

Really, 2013 could be the year of innovation. Though physicists found what many believe could be the Higgs Boson — often referred to as the ‘God particle’ — in 2012, a confirmation is yet to come. This particle holds the key to the most fundamental laws of the universe. The search for it, however, could get delayed if it isn’t completed by the latter half of 2013 as that is when the Geneva-based Large Hadron Collider, where the particle was detected, is to shut down for upgradation.

And in November, India is scheduled to launch its first Mars mission — the Mangalaayan.

Welcome to the future.


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