Would you give up a friend for a smartphone?

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  • Updated: Jul 05, 2014 10:33 IST

Would you swap your close friend for a smartphone? For 17 % of Americans, they would prefer losing a best friend rather having their devices taken away.

According to a latest survey by Illinois-based Motorola Mobility and Germany-based customer care solution firm B2X, one in six Americans would forfeit friends for a week before their smartphone.

While 74 % would keep their smartphones within reach throughout the entire day, 60 % would prefer sleeping with their phones - and this figure jumps to 84 % for youth aged 18-29.

"Americans are addicted to their smartphones," the survey said that interviewed 518 people.

When asked if offered $100 (Rs. 5900) to go without their phone for a day, 40 % of people said that would be difficult or impossible, according to media reports.

Nearly 53 % people would keep their phone sound on even while they sleep, the findings showed.


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