Fuhu's big ideas for the family tablet

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  • Updated: Jan 09, 2015 12:26 IST

The company behind the nabi -- the first tablet built from the ground up for children -- wants to make huge interactive tablets the centerpiece of the family home.

Just how big? At the 2015 International CES, the company unveiled a range of Android-powered slabs that would challenge a large-screen TV in terms of size and resolution. The biggest of which, the nabi Big Tab 65, boasts a 65-inch UHD display, and Fuhu is positioning it as an interactive, more fun, family-oriented and practical alternative to a traditional TV.

Jim Mitchell, CEO of Fuhu, said, "We've had great success in the realm of kids technology, and nabi has become a brand that is universally respected by parents, and loved by children. With our tablets, accessories and content services, we are enabling and empowering kids to really show the world what they can do...The expansion into extra large format tablets with expanded focus on adult-targeted software and content such as food, shopping, productivity and sports is designed to have nabi and the innovative experiences we offer fulfil the need of family members across all areas of the home -- from the kitchen and living room, to the home office and play areas."

The Big Tabs will be offered with a choice of 32-inch and 43-inch HD resolution displays plus 55-inch and 65-inch UHD resolution screens and will run the latest version of Android (so they can connect to Google Play and download any Android app) as well as Fuhu's own operating system which is focused on education, entertainment and creativity.

What's more, the larger tablets will feature 40-point capacitive touch, making them ideal for collaborative use -- the whole family will be able to lay a hand on the screen at the same time.

As for how they will revolutionize the home, Fuhu paints a picture of the giant tablets mounted to a kitchen, living room, home office or playroom wall and of adults being able to shop, cook and catch up with sports via the tablets while kids can access gaming and painting apps and the whole family can play interactive games together.

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