Gorilla or Sapphire glass? The jury is still out

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  • Updated: Sep 09, 2014 20:11 IST

For almost a year, industry analysts and investors have speculated that Apple's iPhone 6 will do away with Corning's Gorilla Glass in favour of Sapphire glass. Sapphire, widely rumoured to be used in the new iPhone 6, is believed to be more durable, thinner, scratch resistant... and more expensive. Current Apple devices use the sapphire glass only for the camera lenses.

Corning, a US-based company whose Gorilla glasses are on more than "1.5 billion devices" including all Apple devices since iPhone 4s, though is not taking these speculations lying down. Ahead of the big launch, the battle is only hotting up, with the Corning putting up a video to prove how sapphire glass fails in a head-to-head stress test.

Watch video: Stress test Gorilla Glass vs Sapphire Glass

"Sapphire's performance as a cover for high-end watches probably leads to the current speculation. But those covers are much smaller than a mobile phone and are two to three times thicker than Gorilla Glass. In one of our commonly accepted strength tests, sapphire breaks more easily than Gorilla Glass after the same simulated use. Additionally, sapphire’s cost and environmental hit are huge issues." says James R. Steiner, senior vice-president and general manager of Corning’s Specialty Materials segment on Corning's website.

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