Make any pair of glasses smarter with Sony's latest gadget

  • AFP
  • Updated: Dec 18, 2014 11:16 IST

Sony has developed a little clip-on module with an integrated display, processor, Bluetooth and wi-fi that can be clipped onto everything from reading and sunglasses to skiing goggles.

And because it can be attached, it can also be detached again, so that the cyborg look and stares from strangers can be kept to an absolute minimum.

The device, which Sony describes as a "compact, lightweight single-lens display module with OLED technology", will be making its debut at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas in January before going into mass production later in the year.

As for potential customers, Sony sees it being used as a standalone device to augment standard eyewear and as a module that other companies can use to build into their own glasses and goggles.

In terms of clear use case scenarios, Sony points to sports, leisure and work as well as for consumers that want to stay connected to the web and to augment their reality in a way that doesn't obstruct their field of vision.

However, despite the potential uses, without a good range of apps and features to support it, it won't catch on, so Sony is courting developers and hoping they will build apps that can be installed directly on to the device or run on a wirelessly connected smartphone.

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