New Kindle Paperwhite revealed

  • AFP
  • Updated: Jun 18, 2015 15:07 IST

Amazon has seriously overhauled its most popular Kindle eReader, updating almost everything except its price.

The new device now boasts a 300dpi ‘laser-quality' display -- double the resolution of the existing model -- plus a specially created font called ‘Bookerly,' designed to make the most of the Kindle's new screen and which, Amazon claims, will be easy to read at any point size.

"The new Kindle Paperwhite obsesses over the details that matter most to readers -- we've added our highest-resolution display so the words are crisp and clear on the page, a new font that is crafted exclusively for reading Kindle books, and a new typesetting engine that makes pages beautiful," said Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Other notable features include the battery life, which can still be measured in weeks despite a denser screen resolution and a new way of presenting and aligning text on the screen so that hyphenation is minimized but illustrative features from real-world books, such as drop capitals, are simple to replicate. Plus of course, the price, which will remain fixed at $119 in the US when it goes on sale on June 30.

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