New router offers total anonymity online

  • AFP
  • Updated: Oct 15, 2014 12:44 IST

A small hardware router that guarantees totally anonymous internet access is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. Called Anonabox, the device encrypts all data traffic through the decentralized and anonymous Tor network.

Compact and lightweight, the Anonabox is hooked up to the user's internet router and to devices used to access the internet (Macs, PCs, tablets, phones). Unlike the Tor browser software, which encrypts data from one program, the Anonabox ensures that all data transferred to and from the user's devices is entirely anonymous.

Operating through the Tor network ensures that websites are unable to identify the user's location data (IP address, country), which means the end of location-based censuring or restricted access to content.

Entirely open-source, the router itself is relatively basic, with two Ethernet inputs and a WiFi module.

The project had already attracted over 30 times its modest goal of $7500, with 27 days to go. Backers who pledge at least $45 to the project will receive their own Anonabox, with the first units due to ship in January 2015.

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