Now, unlock all passwords with fingerprint in Samsung Galaxy S5

  • ANI, Washington
  • Updated: May 01, 2014 16:54 IST

The latest update of Samsung Galaxy S5's password management system called LastPass lets users unlock all accounts by fingerprint.

According to Mashable, LastPass rolled out an update that lets the Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor open the user's cache of passwords unlike the previous version in which users had to type out the master password.

The service is only available for Android at present, it is unclear that the feature will support iOS or not.

However, Apple ID Touch allows users access phone and iTunes account, but it does not let users access other passwords.

LastPass spokesperson said that Apple doesn't have an equivalent that allows Lastpass to hook into the OS and securely deliver users their data and they hope that further updates to iOS may allow them to implement something similar.

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