Pebble Time smartwatch goes into mass production

  • AFP
  • Updated: May 05, 2015 18:01 IST

The company has confirmed that it is just one week behind its initial schedule and that initial backers will be getting their watches before the end of May.

The People Time smartwatch, the first from the company with a color screen, set new records when it landed on Kickstarter in February, raising a remarkable $20.3 million.

The original watch also set new crowdfunding records when it was launched three years ago however, following its success, it ran into a number of mass production issues that led to longer and longer delays, upsetting a number of initial backers in the process.

This time around the company has encountered delays again, however they're minimal and have pushed large scale manufacturing back by just seven days. All of which means there's a slight possibility that those who backed the project towards the end of its campaign might not be able to start playing with their smartwatches until the first week of June.

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