'Civilization' designer turns to iOS with 'Ace Patrol'

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  • Updated: May 03, 2013 12:33 IST

Duelling for the skies in Ace Patrol's multiplayer mode. Photo: AFP

Sid Meier, creator and designer of the popular "Civilization" series of computer games, has announced "Ace Patrol" as his next release, a free World War I dogfighting app destined for the iTunes store come May 9.

Like other free games of its ilk, fans can show their support for "Ace Patrol" by purchasing extra campaigns, planes, and paintjobs.

But for those that don't, the struggle for airborne supremacy rages on over British skies in the game's starter campaign, as well as its multiplayer mode that caters for hotseat action or online battles co-ordinated via Game Center.

It's a return to somewhat familiar ground for Meier whose first company, MicroProse, established its reputation with a number of mid-to-late-1980s military-themed games including "F-15 Strike Eagle" and "F-19 Stealth Fighter."


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