'FIFA 14' trailer preps for XB1 and PS4 launches

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  • Updated: Oct 29, 2013 12:50 IST

Established as a hot favorite on current generation machines, the "FIFA 14" trailer for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pumps up graphics, crowds, and animation.

Transitioning over to EA Sports' new Ignite Engine, "FIFA 14" promises better graphics, improved crowd reactions, and new animations to better recreate the beautiful game on next-gen machines.

And new features that take advantage of the consoles' increased power mean a wider selection of moves available to AI players, faster and more appropriate reactions, and the ability to have multiple players competing for the same ball in the air -- a series first.

As one of a dozen titles launching on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, "FIFA 14" is also a limited run pack-in for early pre-orders of the Xbox One in Europe, boosting its appeal on the soccer-mad continent.

Fellow soccer sim "Pro Evolution Soccer 2014" elected to stay with current consoles this year, but is expected to make the step up next time around.


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