Full character trailer introduces 'The Cave' and its explorers

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  • Updated: Jan 16, 2013 17:29 IST

The seven explorers of "The Cave": monk, adventurer, hillbilly, scientist, twins, knight and time traveler. Photo: AFP

Get a feel for the tone of "The Cave" in its "Full Character" trailer, released a week ahead of the game's January 22 debut.

It's a tale of seven explorers (well, eight if you count the devious twins), each of whom have their own reasons for plumbing the depths of a titular talking cave.

"The Cave" is also the first fruit of a collaboration between Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, who are well known for their work together on classic adventure games "The Secret of Monkey Island" and "Day of the Tentacle."

And where Schafer got his break in the business as part of Gilbert's team at LucasArts back in the 1990s, Gilbert is now at Schafer's independent company Double Fine Productions.

Billed as a downloadable title and published by Sega, the PlayStation 3 Network Store and Nintendo Wii U eShop will receive "The Cave" first on January 22, with the Xbox 360 marketplace and Windows PCs' Steam Network getting in on the action come January 23.


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