'Game of Thrones' Facebook game now available

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  • Updated: Feb 27, 2013 13:57 IST

Game of Thrones - House Tagaryen. Photo: AFP/Disruptor Beam

The official Facebook game of the fantasy novel and TV series "Game Of Thrones" is now open to fans.

The officially licensed game called "Game Of Thrones Ascent" is currently in open beta and enables fans of the fantasy series to immerse themselves in the "Game Of Thrones" world, playing as a Lord or Lady as they take on the world of Westeros.

Players of the game can create their own avatar, character name and house banner as they attempt to manage their estate, collect taxes, raise and train troops and engage in trade or battle.

Through Facebook players can either challenge, or join forces with, their friends on the social network and though the game is free to play, players also have the choice to purchase certain items in order to make progress easier or faster.


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