'Gran Turismo 6' listed for November release

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  • Updated: Apr 25, 2013 16:38 IST

'Gran Turismo 5' - known for its spectacular supercars and oft-delayed release. Photo: AFP

A second retailer listing for car racing sim "Gran Turismo 6" is adding weight to rumors that the flagship PlayStation racing sim will not abandon the PlayStation 3, despite plans to launch a PlayStation 4 toward the end of 2013.

Both North American site Newegg and now Italian retailer Multiplayer had "Gran Turismo 6" down for a November 28 release on PlayStation 3 -- though Multiplayer quickly removed its listing and Newegg the date and pre-order option.

A senior executive at Sony Computer Entertainment had in February listed "Gran Turismo 6" among upcoming games for the PS3 during a conversation with tech website Silicon Republic.

Neither revelation rules out a more advanced PS4 release once the more powerful console is made available.

But declining to make "Gran Turismo 6" exclusive to the PlayStation 4 could lessen the new console's immediate necessity to fans of the series.

And, if valid, a November 28 release would coincide with that of Project CARS, a multiplatform racer for 360, PS3, Wii U and PC that is, like the "Gran Turismo" series, an exponent of realism in car handling, race tracks recreation, and sumptuous graphics.


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