New Call of Duty game announcement on May 2

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  • Updated: Apr 20, 2012 12:21 IST
This year's Call of Duty, thought to be a direct sequel to 2010's Black Ops, is due an official reveal from Activision on May 2, suggests material recieved by web site Kotaku.

The poster displays logos for publisher Activision and developer Treyarch; Modern Warfare 3 involved five developers in total, with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games joined by Treyarch, Neversoft and Raven Software.

Halo 4 recently confirmed its own release for November 6, while Assassin's Creed III made a series shift to October 30, before Call of Duty's favored early-November slot rather than after as had been customary.

Kotaku had previously gone public with promotional art for Assassin's Creed III as well as detailed information regarding 2011's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 prior to both those games' official announcements.

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