Snoop Dogg introduces 'Way of the Dogg' launch trailer

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  • Updated: May 07, 2013 11:21 IST

Snoop's latest foray into the world of video games has arrived on Xbox Live, and the laid-back lord of the West Coast sound sets forth "Way of the Dogg" in its launch trailer.

Main character America Jones, already a star street fighter, comes under the tutelage of mystic master Snoop in a bid to improve his combative skills.

Learning to move with the beat -- something familiar to players of "Rhythm Thief" or "Elite Beat Agents" on Nintendo handhelds -- becomes key to Jones's progression as he seeks justice and the keys to a better life.

The game is due to follow on PlayStation Network, iOS and Android, while Snoop's other endeavors have seen him release the album and movie combo "Reincarnated," charting his segue into Rastafarianism and reggae.


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