Star goalies feature in 'FIFA 15' trailer

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  • Updated: Aug 14, 2014 12:18 IST

USA man Tim Howard goalkeeping for Everton in "FIFA 15". Photo: AFP

The latest trailer for "FIFA 15" emphasizes not just goals but couragous goalkeeping as EA's annual franchise ups its game between the sticks.

With the recent World Cup affording a world stage to some of the globe's best goalies, it's no hard sell to put goalkeepers up front in the trailer first shown during EA's Gamescom presentation on August 13.

The recognizable visage of bald and bearded USA man Tim Howard provides a zero-to-hero narrative for the montage, which goes on to outline ways in which "FIFA 15" makes for not just better shot-stoppers but also more spectacular goals.

New save animations, parries and deflections put a pizzazz into the goal-denying action of team number ones and serve to make successful conversions all the sweeter when they do go in.

Better goalies can be expected to display better positional awareness, feeding into their split-second decision-making abilities.

Choosing to make goalkeepers the star of the "FIFA 15" Gamescom reel builds upon the game's showing during the Xbox Media Briefing the previous day, where Peter Schmeichel appeared to promote an aspect of the FIFA Ultimate Team squad building mode.


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