'Surgeon Simulator 2013' probes tablet possibilities

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  • Updated: Oct 02, 2013 13:02 IST

"Surgeon Simulator 2013": medical malpractice in the name of science and entertainment. Photo: AFP

After hilarious operation game "Surgeon Simulator 2013" proved itself a hit on Mac, PC and Linux, its developer has prototyped a tablet version.

One of a growing number of games that champion physical humor, "Surgeon Simulator 2013" joins the likes of Bennet Foddy's sprint challenge "QWOP" and surreal parenting sim "Octodad" in making players laugh with a cumbersome control system.

Fingers twist and turn over keyboards to manipulate a rookie surgeon's hands digit by digit which, almost inevitably, end up flinging clipboards, telephones, tools and internal organs around a virtual operating theater while patients slumber unawares.

Speaking to Joystiq at the Eurogamer Expo, developers at Bossa Studios explained the reasoning behind their game's potential move to the tablet format.

With a working prototype build on hand, and inviting visitors into its on-site ambulance, Bossa expressed belief in tablets as offering "more direct, weightier controls" but also "lend themselves to new surgeries," opening up the possiblity of exclusive content for the mobile masses.


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