Video games this week: Diablo III, Max Payne 3

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  • Updated: May 07, 2012 12:11 IST
Minecraft arrives on Xbox 360, while Game of Thrones prepares to invade consoles and PC, Max Payne 3 strides in guns ablaze, and the long-awaited Diablo III offers Mac and PC heroes a chance to extract earth from the clutches of hell.

Minecraft (360 via download)
International: May 9
Age ratings: Everyone 10+ (NA), 7+ (EU), All ages (JP)

Friendly, straightforward and charming construction game Minecraft brings with it Xbox 360-specific controls, multiplayer ( whether split-screen or online) and the promise of Kinect integration further down the line.
Price: 1600 Points (~$20 / €19 / £14 / R149 / ¥2,370)
Original website:

Diablo III (Mac PC)
International: May 15
Age ratings: Mature 17+ (NA), 16+ (EU)

Twelve years in the making and hugely anticipated, players descend into the hellish depths and save the world from evil incarnate through monster slaying, weapon upgrading, and furious mouse clicking.
Price: $59 / €59 / £39 / R499

Max Payne 3 (360 PS3) May 15
North America: May 15, M17+
European regions: May 18, 18+
Japan: May 18, Z (18+)

Rockstar (of Grand Theft Auto fame) promise gripping gunplay and cinematic action as ex-cop Max Payne finds himself a gun-for-hire in dangerous Rio, with his transgressions to atone for and a wealthy businessman's wife gone missing.
Price: $59 / €59 / £39 / R699 / ¥7,770
Less on PC from May 29

Game of Thrones (360 PC PS3)
North America: May 15, M17+
European regions: June 7, 16+

The popularity of epic role-playing game Skyrim may owe something to Game of Thrones' fantasy setting, but the TV series now has its own RPG counterpart from French studio Cyanide.
Price: $59 / €59 / £39 / R499, less on PC

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (360 PC PS3 via download)
PC, PS3 in North America: May 15
360, PS3 in European regions: May 16
Age rating: Everyone, 3+, A (all ages)

Sonic and Tails scream back onto screens in this second episodic download, facing off against Metal Sonic - while owners of both episodes can play as Metal Sonic in Episode Metal.
Price: $15 / €13 / £10
iOS, Android, WP7 versions to follow

Mario Tennis Open (3DS)
North America: May 20, Everyone
European regions: May 24, 3+
Japan: May 25, A (all ages)

Expect to see Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Peach and chums take to the court for tournament matches and mini-game fun as the 3DS receives its own installment of this long-running series.
Price: $39 / €45 / £39 / R499 / ¥4,800

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