Wii U's social plaza preps for 3DS launch

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  • Updated: Nov 29, 2013 11:18 IST

The MiiVerse, Nintendo's genial social network for the Nintendo Wii U, is to arrive on Nintendo 3DS in December, with a November 27 Wii U service update laying the groundwork.

Approximately 4 million Wii U's have been sold since its introduction in 2012; by contrast, Nintendo 3DS ownership stands at upwards of 35 million worldwide.

Several changes pave the way for the handheld's inauguration sometime in December, according to a note posted to the MiiVerse.

Better search filtering has been introduced, so users can find relevant game discussions with increased ease.

Posts from people who have played the game being discussed are given higher priority by default, as opposed to favoring the newest posts regardless of experiential knowledge.

Finally, profiles have been streamlined so that a user's accumulated 'yeahs' (i.e., 'likes') are no longer displayed as a total but rather apportioned to individual posts.

Behind the scenes, Nintendo will be populating the MiiVerse with entries for a selection of 3DS games and preparing to explain how the social network's connected community works to an influx of new users.

Wii U owners can already access the MiiVerse through their console or via internet-enabled devices at miiverse.nintendo.net, using a Nintendo Network ID unique to each console.


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