'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' headed for iOS

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  • Updated: Mar 26, 2013 18:28 IST

Save the world from alien invasion in the award-winning "XCOM: Enemy Unknown." Photo: AFP

Swish strategy title and 2012 hit "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" is making its way to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, developer Firaxis announced at the PAX East convention on March 23.

In an accompanying trailer, lead designer Jake Solomon described it as being "the full game" with "all the tactical controls and gameplay" from the PC and console versions, while being "optimized for a touch interface."

There's no word on when (other than "very soon") or on price, but Solomon told Joystiq that the game would be sold at "a premium price point" given that "it is the full game" when compared to the previous PC and console versions.

For reference, retro remake "Baldur's Gate" costs $9.99, "XCOM"'s fellow 2012 award show favorite "The Walking Dead" retails for $14.99 on iTunes, and "The World Ends With You" is one of Square Enix's relatively pricey role-playing adventures at $19.99.


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