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Work tactics: Be prepared to work for long hours, and even nights, to meet deadlines. Also, ascertain the amount of patience and negotiation skills you possess

The lowdown

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software connects all departments and functions in a company through a common interface, facilitating the management of key internal and external resources. On the technical side, knowledge of ERP packages and database management is imperative. On the functional end, in-depth knowledge of the industry is necessary. Implementing an ERP system comprises of components like finances, human resources, supply chain management etc

8.30am: Meeting with client
10.30am: Document details of the meeting and send to client and team
12.30pm: Lunch with CEO of client’s company to report progress
1.30pm: Meet individual members of team to discuss specific issues
4pm: Conference call with a team
5.30pm: Meet software vendor
6.30pm: Check data migration reports
7.30pm: Call hardware vendor to discuss delivery schedule
8pm: Study process maps
10.30pm: Head home

The payoff
Both functional consultants and technical consultants can earn between Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per annum with one to three years’s of experience. Pay increases as you become more experienced

* Programming skills
* Innovative thinking ability
* Documentation skills
* Negotiation and people skills

Getting there
For entry-level positions, functional consultants should have worked in an industry at management position for at least three years and used an ERP system for at least a year. Technical consultants can be programmers in any of the major programming languages with at least one year’s experience

Institutes and URLs
* Edith Cowan University, Australia
* Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
* Siemens Information Systems
* Oracle University
* ERP World, Jabalpur
* Lithan Genovate

Pros and cons
* Lucrative career
* You will work with top management
* Long working hours
* Each successful implementation furthers your career
* Have to stay away from home

With a large number of ERP software installations already in place and new ones happening regularly, the need of ERP skilled resources is huge -- Sunil Sirohi, vice president, Technology Services Organisation, NIIT Ltd, New Delhi


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