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Getting hired for the first job is a major event in a young graduate’s life. While it is important to leave a mark in your first job interview, it is also necessary to focus on other things such as communication, presentation and other skills. Besides in-depth academic knowledge, one needs to have excellent communication and comprehension skills.

Show you’re committed
“Students must participate in extra-curricular activities while they are in college. They must do their homework well by reading up about their potential recruiter. Candidates must go through their websites, read their blogs and annual reports to understand more about the company they are likely to join and analyse how they can contribute to the company’s growth. They must see themselves as working for that company and demonstrate their commitment,” says Seema Mehra Parihar, founder chairperson, Central Placement Cell, Delhi University.

Believe in yourself
With the number of job offers declining, students should focus more on preparing for the campus recruitment process.
“There is a lot of focus on ethics, morality and values such as honesty today. Candidates must ensure that they look genuine to the recruiter. Show that you are  competent and believe that you have to win the world,” says Parihar.

Be visible online
Work on your positive traits, design a CV that is posted everywhere. As far as possible, make your profile visible online. Students must also read a lot about the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and other national leaders as this will help them learn a lot about how to deal with things and situations and yet be different. Make sure you give relevant and good references in your CV,” adds Parihar.

What’s in a CV?
For a fresher’s CV, the following sub heads must be included. These should highlight seven in-built characteristics of a candidate. “These headings should be answered as truthfully as possible so that when questions are asked during the interview, they could be answered easily/naturally/honestly and, above all, convincingly,” says Parihar.
Aim/tag belief/ethical stand
Academic qualifications/year/grade/special achievement/board/ university
Teamwork depicted through project work/curricular activities/special achievements
Communication/verbal/ written/research paper/articles published
Any innovation/achievement
Experience if any/internships/ special organising exposures
References depicting different interactions/diversity/ level of heads


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