Badrish Dutt was planning to marry live-in partner?

Delhi Police special cell officer Badrish Dutt and his live-in partner Geeta Sharma were planning to get married, sources said.

The duo, who were found dead at Sharma’s Ardee City flat on Saturday morning, had met a lawyer two or three days before the incident, police sources said.

It has also come to light that the Gurgaon police reached the crime scene about five hours after Dutt’s colleagues broke open the door of the flat after repeated attempts to reach the special cell officer went in vain. Joint commissioner of police Maheshwar Dayal said, “We were only informed after the Delhi police broke the lock of the house at Ardee City. They had called Badrish at 1am and reached the house at 6am. They broke the lock of the house and examined the dead bodies without informing us.”

SHO of Sushant Lok police station, Gorav Phogat, arrived with a police team at the flat at 11.30am. They found 12 bullets in the magazine of Dutt’s pistol — the weapon of offence —while one bullet was in the chamber and another two had been shot.Though police are waiting for the ballistics report to confirm the sequence of events, sources said it was Dutt who shot Sharma first and then turned the gun on himself.

“The bullet fired at Sharma’s head exited through her chin richocheted off the ground and hit the nearby photo frame of Sharma’s sister. Then Dutt shot himself in the temple and the bullet hit a fan and was found lodged in the ceiling,” said Dayal.  

According to police investigations, Dutt had received last call on his mobile phone from his Delhi Police Special Cell department at 1am. Another call from the same number at 6am went unanswered.

The servant at Sharma’s house rang the bell on Saturday morning at 7am but nobody answered the door. The servant waited outside when Neeraj, Badrish’s friend and Delhi Special Cell inspector Kailash Chand arrived there.

 At 7.30am, three persons, including Kailash Chand, the servant and Neeraj broke open the door of Sharma’s house without informing Gurgaon Police, sources said. Delhi police special commissioner of police SN Shrivastav was informed at 11.00am and he reached Gurgaon around 1.40pm.


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