From Gurgaon to Gurugram: Here are 20 funny tweets we shouldn’t miss  

  • Gulam Jeelani, Hindustan Times, Gurgaon
  • Updated: Apr 14, 2016 14:21 IST
Within hours of the announcement, Gurugram was the most talked about topic on Twitter. (PTI)

Haryana government’s decision to rename Gurgaon to Gurugram had citizens taking to social media in hordes with characteristic wit and humour since Tuesday evening.

Within hours of the announcement, Gurugram was the most talked about topic on Twitter. With over 24.6 thousand tweets, #Gurugram remained the top trending hashtag on the micro-blogging site overnight.

Many chose sarcasm and wit to express their disdain, others questioned the need for it.

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Some wondered if the new name would improve the city - home to over 250 Fortune 500 companies

Among other witty comments, entrepreneur Ramesh Srivats ‎tweeted...

Writer Chetan Bhagat said

Others couldn’t resist playing up the similarity of the new name with photo-sharing mobile application Instagram.

As is the case with every name change of a city, the jokes kept pouring in.

Political detractors of the BJP government in Haryana were not far behind. Randeep S Surjewala of Congress tweeted

Between the jokes and the criticism were a few admirers too.

Kuldeep Bishnoi, politician and son of former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal, was among the first to claim credit for the name change.

To some the renaming was not a big deal.

BJP detractors also pointed to political ambitions behind the move as Dronacharya was, according to them, anti-Dalit.

Congress party’s digital communication incharge Gaurav Pandhi tweeted on his ‏@GauravPandhi handle,

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