Plane courage: How Noida woman risked life to save her father

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Gurgaon
  • Updated: May 26, 2016 15:48 IST
The pilot opened the doors and all the passengers, except Juhi and his stretcher-ridden father, started crawling out. (HT Photo)

Before boarding the air ambulance that crash-landed in Delhi on Tuesday, little did Juhi Roy know that she would have a close brush with death while sitting next to her 62-year-old unconscious father.

The presence of mind that the 23-year-old Roy showed, while risking her life, has certainly given her father another chance to fight the battle of life.

An MBA graduate living in Noida, Juhi accompanied her ailing father on the Beechcraft King Air C-90 twin engine air ambulance coming to Delhi from Patna with six other persons including two pilots. The plane, transporting Juhi’s father to a Gurgaon-based private hospital, crash-landed in Najafgarh.

“As the plane was nearing Delhi, the pilot suddenly informed the on-board doctor that the engine was lost. I did not know what to do. I just sat next to my father praying,” Roy said while recalling the ordeal that she faced.

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In no time, the plane touched the bumpy ground, throwing all on board off their seats, and halted abruptly, she recalls.

“I had lost hopes as we bounced off our seats. Suddenly the plane halted with a screeching sound. Before I could understand the situation, the pilot shouted and asked the passengers to evacuate immediately,” she said.

The pilot opened the doors and all the passengers, except Juhi and his stretcher-ridden father, started crawling out.

“Everyone else was moving out slowly, trying to escape. But my eyes were stuck on my father,” she said.

Due to the impact of the crash, Juhi’s father, had fallen from the stretcher.

“I stood up and held his stretcher tightly,” she said.

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As the pilot warned of an explosion due to fuel leakage, everyone else wanted to save their lives. Juhi stood next to her father till a pilot came to her rescue.

“After shouting loud, one of the pilots came. He helped me pick up the stretcher and place it safely on the ground,” she said. The two then managed to take the patient out.

Despite being warned to stay away from the plane, which could have exploded any time, Roy again took a risk and fetched the life-saving oxygen cylinder for her father.

“I wanted to save my father. Everything else was irrelevant. I was told later that the plane could have even blown up after the crash-landing,” she recalled.

She didn’t stop here. She went again near the plane, a virtual ticking bomb, to pick up medical files and money till local police reached and helped them.

“He is in the hospital now, getting treated. I am hoping for his speedy recovery,” Juhi said about his father.

Though Juhi sustained injuries on her head, she said nothing was more important than keeping her father alive.

“I am lucky that my father did not sustain any external injuries and was taken to the hospital in time,” she added.

Juhi’s father is being treated after he survived a brain haemorrhage. The worried family have also rushed to the Gurgaon hospital.

“I came soon as I got to know about the incident. We were worried that the incident might have caused major injuries but god saved our family. Juhi is also being administered first aid in the hospital,” said Bhagwan Roy, Juhi’s uncle.

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