RWA re-registration deadline extended to March 31 next year

In the wake of protests against the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Society Act 2012, which invalidated all residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) registered before March 31, 2012, the Haryana government has extended the deadline for re-registration by six months after the current amnesty period ends on September 30.

“The Haryana government has extended the re-registration deadline to March 31, 2014. This had been done keeping in mind that several associations have not fully understood the new Act and need more time,” said Hardyal Sehrawat, district registrar, Gurgaon.

The district registrar, firms and societies, is the appellate authority at district level that registers, regulates and controls associations and takes lawful action in case of irregularities.

“After expiry of the amnesty period, we will declare defaulters null and void and their asset liabilities will be taken in custody,” said Sehrawat.

However, it has been learnt that protests by Gurgaon residents has affected response from RWAs. “To date, we have registered 797 associations since April 1, 2012 when the Act came into force. Out of them 213 were new and only 584 existing associations had applied afresh,” said the official.

It is worth noticing that nearly 5,300 associations, including NGOs, were supposed to register afresh as per the new Act. They also need to amend their associations’ bylaws to comply with the Act.Protesters, however, say the Act is pro-builder and the amnesty extension is a eyewash.

Under the GCC banner, a group of residents had also staged a protest outside Haryana Bhawan in Delhi on July 4.

“We will not go for re-registration as the new Act has introduced the collegium system which is wrong and meant to usurp our democratic right,” said RS Rathee, president of Gurgaon Citizens’ Council (GCC).


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