Toll plaza gone, but long jams still haunt night commuters on e-way

  • Leena Dhankhar, Hindustan Times, Gurgaon
  • Updated: Feb 26, 2015 11:19 IST

For thousands of commuters heading to Delhi from the city through the Gurgaon Expressway at night, the journey is nothing less than a torture as they get stuck in long traffic jams near the now-defunct Sirhaul toll plaza after movement of heavy vehicle begins on the road.

Earlier, commuters used to complain that there would be jams due to the toll plaza. However, despite the toll plaza stopping operations in February last year, the situation has become worse.

Though six lanes of the total 32 lanes of the expressway are earmarked (on the extreme left on the Gurgaon-Delhi side) for commercial vehicles, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) toll operator occupies all lanes to collect toll from commercial vehicles during the night, leaving a long traffic jam on the expressway.

The commuters, despite being on the right side lanes, have to move towards the left for taking a U-turn from Rajokri flyover, Delhi, and crossing the stretch becomes difficult for them during the peak hours.

Generally, no traffic police personnel are deployed on the stretch. The traffic police, however, claim that personnel are deployed on the stretch till 8 pm.

Sanjay Khurana, a director of a private company and a resident of Mumbai who is in Gurgaon for a week, got struck on the expressway on Tuesday night for an hour. He said it was a traffic nightmare for him as he had heard so much about the millennium city.

“I did not know why I was struck, even my driver could not figure out. But the expressway was jam-packed and hundreds of commuters were surrounded by trucks. There were no police official to manage the traffic and people were helpless,” said Khurana.

Joint commissioner of police Bharti Arora, meanwhile, said, “We will ensure special drives, starting Thursday, and teams will be deployed near the toll. They will take rounds to de-congest traf fic movement. We will also ensure lane driving of heavy vehicle during the peak hours.”

However, deployment of traffic police personnel hardly seems to be a solution as it will not make much difference. The heavy flow of vehicles from 16 lanes entering four lanes would decongest the area.

The only solution could be shifting the MCD toll operator ahead and deployment of traffic police personnel at the toll plaza during the peak hours.

Ashok Kumar Sharma, GM, NHAI said, “One of the reasons for traffic jams is that distance is not maintained between vehicles. The volume of traffic is growing day by day and the commuters are in a hurry to cross the stretch and often rush in high speed.”

Hence, it seems there will be no solution for the commuters as the volume of vehicles would increase day by day and the movement of heavy vehicles cannot be stopped at nights.

The issue requires a quick solution and the authorities need to think of a solution otherwise the commuters will have to spend an hour each day struggling to cross the toll road.

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