Differences between Congress leaders to fore

Differences between Congress leaders surfaced in the presence of the party’s vicepresident Rahul Gandhi here. Five-time legislator from Panipat, Balbir Pal Shah made veiled attacks on the party’s Karnal candidate Arvind Sharma.

Both leaders are known for differences and it was seen as one of the reasons for poor gathering. Shah was the first to address the gathering after the arrival of Gandhi at the dais. The prominent Punjabi leader asked Arvind Sharma to give details of the development projects, which were taken up by the latter.

“I have heard that Arvind Sharma carries a diary with him that has details of all development projects he had brought to the area. Will he please tell what projects he had brought to Panipat?”. Sharma avoided talking about it. In the end of, Gandhi was seen interacting with Shah and Sharma at the dais.

Later, asked about the prospects of Congress, Shah said Sharma was already elected to Lok Sabha thrice and now people would decide his political fate. “I have no option but to support even for the worst candidate of my party.”


While urging people to vote for Congress, Rahul forgot to mention Arvind Sharma’s name.


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