A low-calorie diet can get you rid of diabetes

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  • Updated: Mar 23, 2016 16:41 IST
A low-calorie diet removes the fat accumulated in the pancreas of diabetics and thus leads to the normal production of insulin. (Shutterstock)

It is possible to get rid of diabetes even if you are a chronic patient, claims a new study. You just have to lose weight through a very low calorie diet.

According the study, individuals who suffer from diabetes and successfully lose weight through low calorie intake, can reverse their condition and get rid of the disease for the long term.

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Even patients who have type 2 diabetes for about 10 years can also reverse their condition.

The findings showed that the fat, which accumulated in their pancreas, gets removed as a result of a low calorie diet and thus leads to the normal production of insulin.

Keeping tabs on your weight can help you keep diabetes at bay. (Shutterstock)

“It is possible to reverse your diabetes, even if you have had the condition for a long time, up to around 10 years,” said lead researcher Roy Taylor, professor at Newcastle University in Britain.

Individuals vary in how much weight they can carry without it seeming to affect their metabolism. If a person gains more weight than what he or she personally can tolerate, then diabetes is triggered, but if they then lose that amount of weight then they go back to normal.

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“If a person really wants to get rid of type 2 diabetes, they can lose weight, keep it off and return to normal,” Taylor added.

For the research, published in the journal Diabetes Care, 30 volunteers having type 2 diabetes for about six months to 23 years embarked on a diet of 600 to 700 calories a day.

Weighing more than what your body can tolerate can make you diabetic. (Shutterstock)

Participants lost 14 kg on an average and did not regain any weight for the next six months.

Overall 12 patients, with diabetes for less than 10 years, reversed their condition. Six months later they got rid of the disease.

Though the volunteers remained overweight or obese, they had lost enough weight to remove fat out of their pancreas and allow normal insulin production, the researchers pointed out.

“This is good news for people who are motivated to get rid of diabetes. But it is too early to regard this as suitable for everyone,” Taylor concluded.

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