Aao twist karein! Modern adaptations of yoga

  • Henna Rakheja, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 21, 2015 16:40 IST

It might be easy for Baba Ramdev to repeat same yoga asanas every morning, but Delhiites can’t keep their boredom at bay even when exercising. So, good old yoga now comes in many modern adaptations.

“People who come to attend the yoga sessions said they are bored of repeating traditional yoga asanas, even though it’s very relaxing,” says Kimaaya Khanna, founder of CLK Dance Institute.

Her centre in Krishna Nagar started offering Hatha Yoga and Mantra Yoga along with the now popular Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga. “Depending on the body part one wants to focus on, a specific mantra is chanted in a peculiar intonation during Mantra Yoga whereas in Hatha Yoga pressure is exerted on different positions of your hand. These forms of yoga have their presence in Rig Veda and are becoming very popular nowadays,” she adds.

Another form that allows experimentation in traditional yoga is Floating Yoga. “Stretchable material suspended from the roof enables one to perform Floating Yoga, like an aerial exercise,” informs Sandeep Bhoondu, master trainer at Celebrity Fitness.


Even Bikram Yoga, which is practiced in 40 degree Celsius and 40-50% humidity, is gaining equal popularity. “The duration of one session of Bikram Yoga is 90 minutes which has two breathing exercises and 26 yoga asanas,” says Pallavi Aggarwal, ­director, Bikram Yoga.

While Bikram Yoga makes one sweat, Floating Yoga compels one to exert extra effort since asanas are practiced against gravity. “Even Aqua Yoga is being preferred by a lot of people but in Delhi one has to find clean swimming pools to hold its sessions,” says Khanna.

Choose your style and practice it this International Yoga Day!

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