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Aerobic exercise helps lower breast cancer risk

health-and-fitness Updated: May 09, 2013 02:24 IST

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Aerobic exercise influences the way our bodies break down estrogens to produce more of the ‘good’ metabolites that lower breast cancer risk, according to a new research.

Observational studies suggest physical activity lowers breast cancer risk, but there are no clinical studies that explain the mechanism behind this, said Mindy S Kurzer, PhD, professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota in Saint Paul.

"Exercise, known to favour fitness and improve heart health, is also likely to help prevent breast cancer by altering estrogen metabolism," said Kurzer. ANI

Close relatives: It’s one big European family
Washington: A modern-day person living in the United Kingdom shares ancestors with people across the Europe, according to a new study of the DNA of people from across the continent. It suggests that Europeans are basically one big family, closely related to one another for the past thousand years.
“On a genealogical level, everyone in Europe traces back to nearly the same set of ancestors only a thousand years ago,” said study co-author Graham Coop, a professor of evolution and ecology at the University of California, Davis. ANI

Man dismisses brain leak as snot for 18 months

london: A man from Arizona, who visited the doctor for runny nose, was shocked to learn that it was his brain that was leaking.

Joe Nagy put up with liquid leaking from his nose for around 18 months before he started seeking a doctor for help. Doctors in Phoenix, found that the membrane surrounding Nagy’s brain had a hole in it and his "snot" was actually brain fluid that was leaking out, the Mirror reported. Nagy said that it first started when he sat up in bed one morning and a clear liquid dribbled out of his nose like tears out of eyes. ANI